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Invision 3.5.1 Release!

Postby XMog » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:30 pm


Invision 3.5.1 is now available for download!

Invision 3.5.1 Full Installation (requires mIRC 7.1 or newer)
Mirror 1
SHA256: C7F1AE73046B0E33C59CFB2E598F528BD5CA1F7DFEED6516F51838DC5E88691A

Invision 3.5.1 Update (requires mIRC 7.1 or newer with a previous Invision 3)
Mirror 1
SHA256: CFF50FA5FEABE7C494FAF837A12676544416985E67315D0BFF5B47E9CDE1FACD


Additions :

  • Option to send !seen results as channel messages rather than noticing (/notice) the user for exact matches. The option is located in Invision menu > Main Settings > Adv. tab. Multiple results will always be noticed to the user, regardless of this setting. Disabled by default.
  • Added option to use the NickServ "recover" command rather than "ghost" for IRC servers that support it. Also rearranged the NickServ Auto-Respond section, and added Active Help for items there.
  • Added option to include CPU load when displaying System Info (option located in Invision > Personalization > Info tab). This adds a slight freeze prior to displaying System Info, which is why it was made optional. Disabled by default.
  • The option to stop "Slow Paste from Clipboard" is now available for queries as well.

Fixes :

  • !seen was not properly limiting notices when there were too many results.
  • If Maintain Nick is enabled but no nick is specified, Invision will no longer try to change the nick. This fixes the "Invalid nickname: n/a" error a few users experienced.
  • Rewrote "Block All Color Codes FROM Channel" to work as intended/expected, rather than blocking color codes from all channels on the network.
  • VisuFix now follows custom nick colors from mIRC's Address Book when displaying lines.
  • Other minor fixes, including (but not limited to) dialog formatting and grammar.

Changes :

  • Displaying Drive Info to a channel now splits up the line when more than 3 drives exist.
  • Reordered tabs in Personalization.
  • RAM usage display now rounds to the nearest whole number instead of including fractions.
  • Some code cleanup.

Removed :

  • Removed support for BlackIce (discontinued in 2008).
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