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Invision Release!

Postby XMog » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:26 pm

Happy New Year!

Invision is now available! (Fixes a minor error in 3.5.2)

Invision Full Installation (requires mIRC 7.1 or newer)
:arrow: Dropbox or Google Drive

SHA256: FAB243FF73D2F7E6505383CF94FD745FE62DBC9E2DAED1BF11A5A011346E6727

Invision Update (requires mIRC 7.1 or newer with a previous Invision 3)
:arrow: Dropbox or Google Drive

SHA256: 1152EA731F354E57618BF270CBCABDE479CCFADB9C2DB560463170F5E8A234B8

For support, or just to say hello, we are located in #Invision on


Additions :

  • Log Viewer (right-click, View Logs) can optionally load all logs associated with a channel if they are split in mIRC by day/week/month.
    This option can be enabled in the Invision menu, Main Settings, Additional Settings tab. The setting will only be visible if mIRC is set to split log files by date.

Fixes :

  • Query right-click - Fixed displaying "Drive Info", displaying CPU, removed duplicate "Advertise Invision" in menu.
  • Fixed viewing certain logs with extra periods in the filename, e.g. #Test.123.log.
  • Additional minor fixes, e.g. typos, form overlaps, code cleanup.

Changes :

  • Swapped CPU Usage/RAM Usage order in query right-click menu.
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