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Postby C45P3R » Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:38 pm

The script seems to presume and only work if include network and create folder are enabled for logging.

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var %log.fn = $logdir $+ $gettok($mklogfn($1),1- $calc($numtok($mklogfn($1),92) - 1),92) $+ \ $+ $1

It seems to me that $gettok($mklogfn($1),1- $calc($numtok($mklogfn($1),92) - 1),92) is a lot of work to get $network? (*$mklogfn has changed since mIRC v7.15)
If include network is not enabled you get: D:\Invision\logs\#Channel.(date).log\#Channel
If it is enabled and create folder is not: D:\Invision\logs\#Channel.Network.(date).log\#Channel

The $$sfile in line 847 ends up just opening to > This PC > Documents > (Windows 10. Other OS's may default elsewhere)

Here's what I've changed mine too and haven't encountered any issues yet.

Aliases - ialais1.mrc line 846,847
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  if ($1) { set %log-f $1 | var %log.fn = $logdir $+ $mklogfn($1) }
  if ( !$isfile(%log-f) ) { set %log-f $iif($isfile(%log.fn),%log.fn,$$sfile($qt($iif(%log.fn,$v1,$logdir)),Choose Log File to View)) }

Popups - Status line 11
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View Logs:{ logviewer $iif(\ isin $mklogfn(status),$iif($isfile($logdir $+ $network $+ \status.log),$logdir $+ $network $+ \status.log,$$sfile($logdir $+ $network $+ \status*.log,Choose Log File to View)),$iif($isfile($logdir $+ status. $+ $network $+ .log),$logdir $+ status. $+ $network $+ .log,$$sfile($logdir $+ status*.log,Choose Log File to View)))  }
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Re: Log Viewer

Postby XMog » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:54 am

Thank you for the bug report, and even more for the additional research and suggested fix. I will add this to the list of items for the next beta/release (which is still a long way away).
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