HOT FIX (Sept'07): Server Notices don't show

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HOT FIX (Sept'07): Server Notices don't show

Postby Riamus » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:04 pm

If you are using the September'07 release, there is a new option for where Notices are shown. This is located in Main Settings > Additional Settings. If you have it set to the third option (All Common Channels), server notices will not display at all. Any other choice works fine.

To fix this bug, do the following (this fix will be included in the October'07 release).

Press Alt-R twice. Open the View menu and select imisc.mrc. Use Ctrl-G to go to line 178.

Code: Select all
    if ($r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == 3 || $r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == $null) { incomwith $colour(notice) $nick $ts * $+ $nick $+ * $clradj($1-)  }

Code: Select all
    if (($r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == 3 || $r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == $null) && $comchan($nick,0) != 0) { incomwith $colour(notice) $nick $ts * $+ $nick $+ * $clradj($1-)  }
    if (($r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == 3 || $r.set(Invision,Notice.Location) == $null) && $comchan($nick,0) == 0) { echo $colour(notice) -a $ts * $+ $nick $+ * $clradj($1-) }

Note that you are changing the line shown *AND* adding one additional line.
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